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Flood insurance

With the introduction of Neerlandse’s new flood insurance in 2016, flood cover is available for every household in the Netherlands.

Unique offering

In cooperation with Lloyd’s syndicate Chaucer, Neerlandse developed the new flood insurance. The insurance is currently being offered by over 1500 insurance agents. Neerlandse enables agents to offer the insurance online via Neerlandse's web services. The online flood insurance shop by Klap is a fine example of what can be done with these web services:

Distribution of the flood insurance is carried out by partners affiliated with Neerlandse, Neerlandse does not distribute insurances directly.

The insurance is being offered by over 1500 insurance agents in the Netherlands

Voluntary choice

A flood insurance has to be voluntary, otherwise it would be a form of taxation. A good, voluntary choice can only be made on the basis of correct and comprehensible information. Complete transparency about the flood risk is important. For this reason, Neerlandse uses a risk-based premium which is based on the actual risk. Neerlandse enables distribution partners to share risk-insight with their customers.

Neerlandse offers the intermediary a number of web services to clarify the flood risk for customers, and to insure the flood risk

Probability, Consequence & Risk

Neerlandse determines the factual risk with data from Dutch governmental institutions. This data takes into account the probability and the consequences of a possible flood. The consequences to a home are determined by taking into account the flood depth during a flood, the value of the home, and its contents value.

Clear and transparent

The factual risk is determined by organizations other than Neerlandse, such as Rijkswaterstaat, the executive agency of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in the Netherlands, and engineering agencies such as ARCADIS. A low risk leads to a lower premium and a high risk leads to a higher premium. This is all based on public and independent data.

Risks and premiums vary across the Netherlands

As a consequence of Neerlandse’s risk based pricing, premiums vary greatly in the Netherlands. The variety of premiums is comparable to the variety of car premiums for example. Water Managementis highly regulated in the Netherlands. The minimum level of the probability of failure for the exceedance of design water levels is set between 0.01% (a return period of 10 000 years) and 0.08% per annum (a return period of 1 250 years) in the Water Act.  The differences for the actual flood risks - calculated by authorities -  are even greater. The differences between consequences are just as significant. Flood depths vary from a few centimeters to six meters or more, and the value of a home can differ just as much.

Neerlandse combines over 2.000 flood risk scenarios with every address in the Netherlands.

Flood risk in the Netherlands

It is common knowledge both within and outside of the country, that the Netherlands, for the most part, has the potential to be flooded. No less than 26% of Dutch land is below the NAP (the reference for the European Vertical Reference System), with another 29% of Dutch territory floodable from rivers. Nine million inhabitants of our Delta are at risk of becoming a victim to flood in an area where two-thirds of the GDP is realized. 

Protection in the Netherlands

To prevent floods, the Netherlands is protected by 3.500 kilometers of primary water defences (protection from outside waters such as seawater) and 14.000 kilometers of secondary (regional) water defences (protection from floods caused by regional waters such as canals, lakes and harbors). 

Rijkswaterstaat published an English report about Dutch watermanagement in 2012. This comprehensible report named "Flood Risk and Water Management in the Netherlands" can be downloaded here.

The Netherlands is protected by 3.500 kilometers of primary water defences and 14.000 kilometers of regional water defences

Regional floods are taken into account

Regional barriers protect the land from regional water, and primary water barriers return outside water (such as sea water). Neerlandse considers both types of risk. Damages resulting from both types of risk are covered as part of the flood risk insurance. 

Policy wording

Download our policy wording and their relevant summaries here (Dutch). Please contact us for wordings in English. 

The insurance coverage summaries provide comprehensible information about the Neerlandse flood insurance and answers to questions like: Which risks are covered by the insurance? What factors play a role in determining the height of the premium? What can you expect from Neerlandse and what will Neerlandse expect from you?

Would you like to know more about Neerlandse’s flood insurance? Your insurance advisor will be happy to provide you with more information.

For home-owners

Policy conditions for home-owners

Summary policy conditions for home-owners

For renters

Policy conditions for renters

Summary policy conditions for renters

For home-owner associations

Policy conditions for home-owner associations

Summary policy conditions for home-owner associations

For members home-owner association

Policy conditions for members home-owner associations

Summary policy conditions for members home-owner association

Intermediary solutions

Neerlandse enables insurance agents via service provider DAK. Agents with a national coverage, MGA’s and large service providers can also obtain a direct web service with Neerlandse. 

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