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MGA data services

Neerlandse's data services enable automated MGA processes that require an external data component. Neerlandse provides tailor-made applications such as automated road assistance coverage, additional data sets for premium calculations and premium engines.

External datasets

The number of public data sets that can be used increases rapidly. Think for example of the car registration register (RDW) which can be checked whether a car is used as a taxi or not. And also think about the public register for neighborhoods (LeefBarometer 2.0) and the register for buildings and addresses (Basisadministratie Adressen en Gebouwen) for assessing your portfolio generate new risk profiles. Neerlandse enables you to make use of these developments.

Hypotheses become really interesting when you can zoom in on the detail and make combinations with external datasets

Extended analysis

Extended Portfolio Analysis (EPA) from Neerlandse enables you to analyze underwriting performance in your non-life portfolio with external datasets. Our analyzes are layered and offer "actionable data". Play with new data sets and set up hypotheses. 

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Flood insurance

Neerlandse and Lloyd's guarantee 100% coverage for flood. Our fully automated MGA solution is unique in the Netherlands.

MGA return analysis

Neerlandse's big data analysis show why portfolios do not perform well, and shows what needs to be done in order to improve returns. 

Alternative capacity

The majority of Dutch MGA's is having trouble in finding insurance capacity at the Dutch market. We are in the unique position to supply this capacity.